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Many adults took piano lessons when they were young and reached a certain level of competence. But for some, life then got in the way so piano playing and study fell by the wayside until they later realized the importance that the piano and music have in their life and decided to return to this experience. Others continued to play but eventually felt inspired to develop their skills further by pursuing lessons again. And some have taken lessons as adults but for various reasons wish to study with a different teacher.
Greg accepts adult students who are at or above the RCM grade 6 level. His adult students find that his lessons are fun, meaningful, and contribute to their personal growth. He is very supportive, encouraging and constructive, and he understands that the needs of experienced piano students require special consideration.
He supports the musical preferences of adult students because it is easier for them to practice with conviction those pieces that they truly love. He also suggests choices that further develop various aspects of their musical expression and technique. And since the piano repertoire has an abundance of excellent music in every genre, Greg encourages students to explore areas of repertoire they may not have otherwise previously considered. 
He is highly knowledgeable about advanced repertoire, having studied at the highest levels with teachers such as Edward Parker (former teacher of Jon Kimura Parker) and Angela Hewitt, and at the Guildhall School in London, and he has also performed extensively.
Those adult students who wish to challenge themselves by taking RCM exams will find that Greg can prepare them to succeed. 
His teaching schedule is particularly suited to adults who have reached a stage where their family and work commitments have decreased, since he can offer lesson availability during Monday to Friday daytimes.
Adult students can trust that Greg will guide them to where they want to be. Contact him for more information about lessons for experienced adults.

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