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Perhaps one of the greatest gifts that parents could give to their child is music lessons. Studies show that playing the piano positively

influences children’s intellectual development, stimulates memory and fosters a creative imagination. Start your musical journey today and study the art of music and piano with Greg Drover. Greg has a passion for teaching and many years of experience.

Contact Greg today to arrange an appointment. You will have a chance to try his grand piano and he will answer any questions you may have.




Greg began his musical studies in violin at the age of three with Joan Milkson, former assistant Concertmaster of the National Arts Centre Orchestra (Ottawa). By age eight he completed all Suzuki levels for violin and was playing concertos and other advanced repertoire.


At age eight, he moved to Vancouver where he began his piano studies under Edward Parker, uncle and former teacher to Jon Kimura Parker. During his early beginnings with Parker, he excelled at piano and was competing nationally in the Canadian Music Competitions by age ten. He was a national finalist consecutively from 1984 through 1991. During his time in Vancouver he attended both junior and senior schools at St. George’s and was the only recipient of the full Madge Brown Scholarship year after year, awarded for both music and academic achievements. Performances included playing for The World's Expo '86 in Vancouver, televised piano featuring Canadian talent on the C.B.C., and Greg was one of four students to be chosen in Canada to play in a master class with international recording artist Ruth Slenczynska.


He also studied in England at the Purcell School for Young Musicians and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Greg’s classical studies included working with Angela Hewitt in England and master classes with Jon Kimura Parker. He studied contemporary music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, participated in jazz piano master classes with Oscar Peterson, and taught composition and modern keyboard sequencing and film scoring at Andrews International Music Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. He also performed at the Howard Performing Arts Center in Berrien Springs, Michigan.


Greg has also been a member of both the Cathedral Boys Choir (Ottawa) and the famous Vancouver Bach Choir.


Greg holds the L.L.C.M. teacher’s Licentiate from the London College of Music (England). Other achievements include earning Distinction from the Royal Conservatory of Music for both grade 10 and A.R.C.T. piano exams. He also completed all teacher trainer levels for the Suzuki Association of the Americas (Colorado USA).


In 2005, Greg became the organist for the Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey Club and he proudly held that position for eleven years.

Greg is a piano teacher with over 30 years of professional experience. He is a Certified Registered member of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher's Association (ORMTA) and a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA).

ORMTA members are qualified educators who have passed rigorous testing in both practical and theoretical subjects.

  • Members have an Associate diploma from a recognized Conservatory of Music or a Bachelor of Music degree from a recognized University.

  • Members must demonstrate their success in teaching by submitting results to the Association from students’ Conservatory examinations or Music Festival adjudications.

  • Members maintain a commitment to treat students with respect and to be sensitive to factors that influence individual student learning.

  • Members strive to be current and progressive in their professional knowledge and take steps to refine their professional practice through ongoing professional development.

  • Only students of ORMTA members are:

    • eligible to participate in ORMTA recitals and competitions.

    • eligible to receive ORMTA scholarships, including those given by ORMTA at the Kiwanis Music Festival.

  • ORMTA promotes and sponsors workshops, recitals, masterclasses and an annual competition for students.


His studio is located in central Old Ottawa South near Hopewell Avenue Public School. Contact Greg today to arrange an appointment.

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No two students are exactly alike and everyone learns at different rates of speed. Therefore Greg approaches students as individuals, and supports and develops them according to each person’s own unique potential. All his students enjoy his approach to the learning process and the art of making music, and home-schooled students find that his methods reinforce their learning style.

His private lessons take place once a week solely at his studio or online from September to June. Lessons are also offered during the summer which assists in not having to spend time relearning music skills after the long summer break and also ensures a strong head start on the following year's piano curriculum.


Typically, children as young as 3+ years of age start with a 15 minute lesson and as their skill level increases so does their lesson length. Students are exposed to all kinds of repertoire ranging from Baroque to 20th Century and study all aspects of Theory, Sight Reading, Ear Training and Technique.


Practice is a daily ritual which involves going over the materials presented in class. All students receive a practice schedule which is filled out during the lesson so students know exactly what is expected during practice sessions at home. Parents find the practice schedule useful since they can use that as a guide to ensure students are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Students enjoy his method of lending recordings to take home, and choose songs that they wish to learn based on their audition of each piece. Never again will you hear the phrase "But I don't like that piece!". When students choose their own pieces, they perform it better too. Using this method, it is possible for students to learn baroque pieces and still enjoy playing their music. He encourages all students to learn not only the ever popular Christopher Norton pieces but Bach and Beethoven as well. If students only study one particular genre of music, they will be missing out on so much more and their playing abilities will reflect their narrow interest in that particular style of music.


He also develops students’ creativity by encouraging them to improvise and compose. He can record students playing their lesson pieces and their own compositions in his home studio so that they are able to share their recordings with their relatives and friends.

Greg Drover Student Lessons
Greg Drover Studio Contact Old Ottawa South



Greg teaches students starting as young as 3+ years of age, and adults who are at or above the RCM grade 6 level.


His private studio is located in central Old Ottawa South near Hopewell Avenue Public School, by appointment only.


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