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Piano lessons will improve your:

  • Self esteem

  • Memory and concentration

  • Physical coordination

  • Appreciation and understanding of music

  • Study habits and discipline

  • Creativity and ability for self-expression

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Patience and perseverance

  • Time management and organizational skills

  • Mathematical ability

  • Listening skills

  • Success - children learning an instrument get higher marks in all other subjects.


Students can enter exams from the Royal Conservatory of Music to further their musical background. Those who go far enough can apply their exam marks as credit toward secondary school graduation. This can potentially make the difference between going to a great university and one that is not their first choice. Unlike team sports such as soccer or hockey, studying a solo musical instrument such as piano is a direct reflection on students' abilities and dedication to the craft. A team sport doesn't weigh heavily on university entrance applications since your team may have won the provincials or nationals, but you may have been on the bench when they scored the goals! Solo artistic endeavours undoubtedly add weight to post secondary school applications.


Greg Drover is a Certified Registered Music Teacher with the Ontario Registered Music Teacher's Association and a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

ORMTA members are qualified educators who have passed rigorous testing in both practical and theoretical subjects.

  • Members have an Associate diploma from a recognized Conservatory of Music or a Bachelor of Music degree from a recognized University.

  • Members must demonstrate their success in teaching by submitting results to the Association from students’ Conservatory examinations or Music Festival adjudications.

  • Members maintain a commitment to treat students with respect and to be sensitive to factors that influence individual student learning.

  • Members strive to be current and progressive in their professional knowledge and take steps to refine their professional practice through ongoing professional development.

  • Only students of ORMTA members are:

    • eligible to participate in ORMTA recitals and competitions.

    • eligible to receive ORMTA scholarships, including those given by ORMTA at the Kiwanis Music Festival.

  • ORMTA promotes and sponsors workshops, recitals, masterclasses and an annual competition for students.

Suzuki Association of the Americas
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