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As an alternative to lessons in person at his studio, Greg offers online lessons via Apple Facetime video or Google Meet video, making it possible for any student to take piano lessons remotely. Greg has extensive experience teaching online. His remote lessons have proven to be very successful and all his online students enjoy and profit from them. 


Greg’s online lessons are ideal for students who are not located in the Ottawa area, those who may have health issues in the family that preclude in-person lessons, or those who would rather not spend time and money commuting to lessons and contending with traffic or weather problems. Greg has coached numerous students online who are not in Canada and have taken internationally recognized Royal Conservatory exams in piano.


Students who are shy can greatly benefit from his one-on-one online piano lessons since the lessons take place in the comfort of their own home. Students usually feel calmer, less anxious, and more in control of what happens when they receive instruction in familiar surroundings at home.


Since the student is at home for their online lessons, they are playing their own piano which they are familiar with and accustomed to. Since the student doesn’t need to travel to the teacher’s studio, they can warm up for as long as they like before their lesson begins and be loosened up and ready to demonstrate their progress. And since the student doesn’t need to travel home afterwards, as soon as the lesson is done they can immediately practice what they have learned while it is still fresh in their mind, for better retention of the material covered. 


Online lessons encourage the student to be more self-reliant since the teacher isn't physically in the room to give hands-on instruction. Greg gives online students the direction they need to develop their piano technique and musicality, but in a way that encourages independence and exploration. Students therefore become more independent and more courageous in trying new things, and this resourcefulness helps them become more confident and capable in all of their studies. Students also benefit by learning to communicate clearly.


Greg’s online lessons can be a great option for students who are pressed for time, live too far from a good teacher, or just find in-person lessons too stressful. Even those students who take lessons in person with Greg appreciate the option of being able to do an online lesson if the weather is bad or if they don't feel well enough to attend a lesson in person.  


Greg provides detailed set-up instructions for his online lessons. However, all that is required is a device that supports Apple Facetime or Google Meet, both of which are very easy to use and provide excellent audio and video quality. 


He can also offer a hybrid model of in-person and online lessons to suit your needs.


Contact Greg if you are interested in pursuing online piano lessons.

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