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Families who home-school appreciate a teaching approach that focuses on each child individually, building on their strengths and developing their independence, curiosity and passion for learning.
Greg’s studio is home-school friendly. He specializes in one-to-one student-centric learning which supports and complements home-schooling and home-schooled students find that his methods reinforce their style of learning. All his students enjoy his approach to the learning process and the art of making music as well as being able to play his beautiful Yamaha 7’ concert grand piano in his studio during their lessons. 
No two students are exactly alike and everyone learns at different rates of speed. Therefore Greg approaches students as individuals and supports and develops them according to each person’s own unique potential. Each child receives individual attention that is tailored to their own abilities, personality, and readiness to progress.
Students enjoy being able to choose for themselves the pieces they wish to learn. Greg plays a selection of suitable pieces to students at their lesson so that they can hear and select the ones they like best. Never again will you hear the phrase "But I don't like that piece!". When students choose their own pieces, they perform it better too. He also records those pieces that are more difficult to interpret and emails the recordings to parents so that the student has a guide to follow when practising at home. 
He encourages students to learn all genres of music so that their playing abilities reflect a broad interest in all styles of music. Greg also develops students’ creativity by encouraging them to improvise and compose.
All students receive a practice schedule which is filled out during the lesson so students know exactly what is expected during practice sessions at home. Home-schooled students can easily incorporate the practice schedule it into their own routine. And parents find the practice schedule useful since they can use that as a guide to ensure students are doing what they are supposed to be doing.
Students can enter exams from the Royal Conservatory of Music to further their musical background. Those who go far enough can apply their exam marks as credit toward secondary school graduation which can potentially make the difference between going to a great university and one that is not their first choice. Home-school families can appreciate that studying a solo musical instrument such as piano is a direct reflection on a student’s abilities and dedication to the craft, and that solo artistic endeavours undoubtedly add weight to post secondary school applications.
Greg’s teaching schedule is particularly suited to home-schooled students since he can offer lesson availability during Tuesday to Friday daytimes as well as Saturday.
Just as home-schooling can provide an improved educational experience, piano lessons positively influence intellectual development, stimulate memory, develop physical coordination and problem-solving skills, and foster a creative imagination.

Contact Greg if you are interested in piano lessons for your home-schooled child.

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